Shed Demolition

JUNKCO offers full service shed demolitions in the Louisville area. We can often provide same or next day service, leaving you free of your unwanted shed in no time!


If you no longer put your shed to good use, it’s just taking up space in your yard that could be better used for play and activities!  It’s hard to throw a Frisbee around when there’s a small building in the way!  Sometimes, they just start to rot and deteriorate over time, thus becoming unusable.

This nuisance and eyesore doesn’t need to take up space any longer!  With JUNKCO’s help, we make a hard task simple.  We’re the demolition pros and can take care of this whole project for you!

Quick Turn Around
Quick Turn Around

At JUNKCO, we’re always trying to impress out customers.  That’s why we work hard to get your shed demolition finished as soon as possible.

We know you’re ready to get this thing gone, so let’s make it happen!  When you call to book with us, we’ll fit you in as soon as we can, sometimes even the same or next day!  Why wait to get rid of your old shed when it can be gone before you know it?  Book yours now and say hello to a fresh, cleared yard!

Removal Costs
Shed Removal Costs

JUNKCO never sends surprises your way at payment time.  When we arrive at your property and see your shed, we’ll give you a firm quote on the demolition and removal of your old shed.

Our team never raises the price on items we quote and we don’t have any hidden costs or fees!  You can trust that we’re transparent from the start, making it easy for you to know what to expect when we finish the job!

Contact Us
Contact JUNKCO

Why procrastinate this project when you can have it off your list in no time?  Your pest-infested, rotting, and unused shed needs to go sooner rather than later.  Luckily, our team of trained shed removal experts can handle this for you from start to finish!  Don’t bother watching tutorial videos on YouTube and buying the necessary tools, we’ve got it from here!

To get started, book online or give us a call.  We’d be happy to answer any questions for you or talk to you about our shed removal process.  Get in touch today to be scheduled soon!

About JUNKCO Shed Demolitions

  • Call JUNKCO at 502-205-9800 or book online now to get started!
  • Our team members will provide a no-obligation quote upfront once we take a look at your shed.
  • If you approve our quote, we’ll get started right away and make your old shed disappear!
  • After the demolition, we’ll load up all of the debris and haul it off for disposal.  We’ll make sure to clean everything up so you don’t have a mess on your hands!

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Book Online