Louisville Junk Removal

Our team is ready to help you with all of your Louisville junk problems. Our full-service junk removal and demolition team can handle it all! Give us a call to discuss the details of your junk removal project and schedule your hassle-free service today!


Do you have a junk problem in Louisville? Our team at JUNKCO can help! JUNKCO is a locally owned and operated junk removal business in Louisville. We accept almost all household items and can quickly provide you with the junk removal and light demolition services you need!  Why would you put off your junk removal any longer when you have a team willing to take care of the whole thing for you! Our team can remove old mattresses, yard waste, electronics, appliances, construction debris, and more! If you have any questions about our service, like what we take, our service area, or our Louisville junk removal process, give JUNKCO a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have and set-up your junk removal appointment!

JUNKCO Junk Removal Experts
Who is JUNKCO?

JUNKCO is a junk removal service provider for Louisville and the surrounding areas. It’s our goal to provide the highest quality junk removal and light demolition services to our community. As a locally owned and operated junk removal provider, we care about our community having access to the services they need when they need them. JUNKCO is a people-centric junk removal business concerned with helping our clients reach their home improvement goals.

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How Does Louisville Junk Removal Work

The junk removal process with JUNKCO is simple and easy! After you’ve scheduled your appointment, JUNKCO will take care of the rest. You’ll be provided with a two-hour arrival for our service, but our professional, expert team will give you a call 30 minutes before we arrive at your door; that way, you’ll know exactly when to expect us. Before we begin any of our services, you’ll be given a free, no-obligation quote for the price of your service. This price is determined by the amount of space your items take up in the back of our truck. Once you ‘ok’ our pricing, we’ll get to work right away. You could be junk-free in less than 24 hours when you give JUNKCO a call!

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When Can I Get Started on My Louisville Junk Removal?

Are you ready to get scheduled? If so, give JUNKCO a call! We can conveniently accommodate even the busiest schedules to help you check junk removal off your to-do list quickly. Same-day and next-day appointment availability is offered, but won’t last long. So, make sure to schedule your junk removal or light demolitions appointment with JUNKCO as soon as possible! To book your hassle-free junk removal appointment, call JUNKCO at 502-205-9800, or use our “Book Now” tool to save $20 off your service. JUNKCO is ready to help you reach your home improvement goals, one truck full of junk at a time.

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Book Online



  1. Scheduling your junk removal appointment with JUNKCO is easy! Contact us by calling 502-205-9800, or use our “Book Now” tool to save $20 off your service.
  2. On the day of your scheduled service, our friendly, professional team will give you a call 30 minutes before we arrive so you know exactly when to expect us within your two-hour arrival window. After we’ve been able to see your unwanted items, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.
  3. Once you’ve approved our quote, the team will get started right then and there! That’s it!
  4. What will you do after JUNKCO has completed your Louisville junk removal project? Enjoy what our city has to offer by spending an evening watching the Bats play at Slugger Field, sharing bites at local eateries like HammerHeads or The Eagle Food & Beer Hall, or visiting historic sites like Locust Grove.