Junk Removal in Douglass Hills

Don’t deal with that needless clutter on your property any longer. With JUNKCO, that junk removal in Douglass Hills can be done as soon as today or tomorrow. We’ll get the job done fast, and we’ll do it all with a winning attitude, too. Start with us today!

The Best in the Business

Douglass Hills Junk Removal

JUNKCO is your locally owned junk removal in Douglass Hills solution, operating out of Louisville and working in many different service areas throughout the region. When it comes to your junk removal job, we’ll give you the same winning service that we’ve given everyone else. Say goodbye to big chain businesses that treat you like a walking bank account and say hello to a team that treats you like a valuable neighbor. We’ll put the work in for you, whether it’s furniture removal, electronics removal, hot tub removal, or something else!

Founder of JUNKCO standing in front of his junk removal truck
How Junk Removal in Douglass Hills Works

When we arrive at your site for junk removal in Douglass Hills, we’re determined to get the work done efficiently and to make your needs our top priority. You’ll love our down-to-earth demeanor—it definitely beats the robotic behavior you’ll get from the “other guys.” We’ll get right into the flow of work and put that junk into the back of our truck piece by piece. Eventually, your home or business will be as tidy as can be. JUNKCO puts the extra effort in for you, and, best of all, you’ll get all of that for a price that’s more than affordable. Now that’s a winning formula!

junkco employee thumbs up
Our Team

A good team can make all the difference in the junk removal industry. That’s why JUNKCO put together a team that’s not just good, but great instead!

A Quality Team

Our workers understand the importance of doing good work, and they’ve got a real drive to do what they do well. So for your Douglass Hills junk removal, you can count on them to go the extra mile. They’ll remove junk from your property swiftly, but also cautiously enough to avoid unnecessary damages, such as gashes on your walls and floors. It’s the perfect balance between speed and care.

Contact Us
Scheduling an Appointment

Getting in touch with JUNKCO and scheduling your first appointment is so easy, you could even do it in your sleep. Firstly, give us a phone call to connect with one of our employees. Alternatively, you can book online if you prefer. Then, we’ll discuss the details of your junk removal in Douglass Hills, which will help us determine an over-the-phone cost estimate. We’ll also give you a 2-hour arrival window after we pick a day. That way, you’ll know when to expect our truck rolling up to your property!

Save Yourself the Trouble

This sort of work can really be excruciating, so leave it to the professionals. Not only do you have better uses for your time, but you could get worn out quickly hauling around this bulky and awkwardly shaped junk. What’s more, you could even accidentally damage your property or yourself in the process.

Don’t worry—we’ll handle the junk for you. If you still want a workout, you can take a stroll through some of Douglass Hills’s trails, which we think will be a much less stressful experience!


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