TV and Electronics Removal

Not sure what to do with everything in your “junk drawer” that’s accumulated old electronics? JUNKCO can take care of any of your electronics removal needs. We know how to properly dispose of your old TV, plus all those old batteries, remotes, and handheld video games in that drawer.

TV and Electronics Removal in Louisville

Getting rid of an old TV isn’t easy.  The older the TV, the larger and heavier it probably is.  Even if you have the energy and strength to lug that thing around, where would you take it?  There are few disposal facilities that will accept any kind of electronics, so you won’t be able to simply unload it at your local dump.  Imagine taking the time out of your day to drive your old TV to a drop-off facility only to be told it isn’t allowed.

Electronic waste is considered hazardous due to the chemicals that make them up.  Due to this, they need to be disposed of safely and properly.  Luckily, our team knows all the right locations to take electronic waste.  Save yourself the headache of researching where to go and the backache of carrying your heavy TV around by calling your friends at JUNKCO.

Who is JUNKCO?

JUNKCO is a local, full service junk removal company.  Our team works extra hard to make sure getting rid of your unwanted junk and clutter isn’t stressful.  Working with us enables you to spend more time doing what you love and less time sorting through your clutter and driving to the local dump.

Whether we’re removing boxes of old video games, an ancient computer, a VCR system, or whatever other unwanted electronics you have laying around, our team values the best customer service and commits to making your junk removal experience great.

TV and Electronics Removal Costs

Our pricing system is straightforward and transparent.  Our team will provide a no-obligation quote when we see the items you want us to remove.  Pricing is based on the amount of space an item takes up in the back of our truck, so we’ll estimate how large the load size is.  If we overestimate how much of our truck your items fill, we’ll even lower the price.

Don’t worry about any surprises!  Our team doesn’t throw in extras, so there are no hidden costs or fees.  Like we said, we’ll be transparent with you from the start!  If you want to set up an estimate for your specific junk removal needs, just give us a call and we’ll set something up for you!

Schedule Your Electronics Removal Today!

If you still have piles of old electronics taking up space in your home, it’s time to say goodbye.  Be clutter-free again without the hassle of hauling off a single thing!  JUNKCO can do all the work for you!  All you need to do to get started is give us a call or book online.

There’s no reason to let your electronics go unused and take up valuable space when you can have them disappear!  Let’s work together today to get these things out of your way.

About JUNKCO TV and Electronics Removal

  • Call our team at JUNKCO by dialing 502-205-9800 or, alternatively, book online to schedule an appliance removal.
  • When our team arrives at your property, we’ll look at your unwanted junk items and give you an upfront quote on your junk removal so that there are no surprises at payment time.
  • As soon as you give us the go ahead, JUNKCO will start making your unwanted electronic items disappear into the back of our truck.
Save yourself the time and energy of hauling off all of your unwanted TVs and electronics by calling JUNKCO today!