JUNKCO has everything we need to perform shed removal, deck removal, and more. We perform full-service demolition in the Louisville area!

Full-Service Demolition

Not sure how to tear down your unwanted play set? Don’t know where to start with your kitchen or shed removal in Louisville? You don’t need to know how! You have access to one of the best resources in the area!  JUNKCO can do the whole demolition project for you. Now you don’t need to worry about buying the proper tools and watching dozens of tutorial videos online to get it done yourself. Sometimes DIY just isn’t the answer.

Demolition, Fast

Luckily, we can do your demolition project right when you need us to! If you’re in a hurry to remove your unwanted structure, we’ll make it happen. We can perform most of our services the same or next-day as you get in contact with us. For some demolitions, we may need more time to get the proper tools.

Why Wait? Act Now!

Why would you put it off any longer when the pros can get it done in no time? Just think of everything you’ll be able to do once your unwanted structure is out of your way. Book your full service demolition with JUNKCO today!

Experts in Demolition

JUNKCO’s team are the experts when it comes to junk removal and demolition. When you book with us, you can trust that we’ll get your job done fast and done right. We have the experience and knowledge to perform dangerous and complicated demolitions safely, without complications or damage to your property. We’ll show up in uniform with tools in hand. Our team is ready to work hard to complete your demolition project.

Need Help Breaking Down a Large Structure?

This is one of the times that DIY is probably not the solution. That’s why we’ll knock it out in no time. You’ll be glad you chose the safe route and booked the pros.

Pricing for Demolition

Our demolition pricing can vary from job to job depending on the items you want demolished. Usually, we only charge for the removal of the debris that results from the demolition, not for the labor, itself. Some jobs, however, might be more expensive if they require special equipment and difficult work. You should contact us about the details of your specific demolition job.

No Extra Bells and Whistles

You’ll always know what payment to expect when you book with us. When we see what you want demolished, we’ll be able to give you a firm estimate upfront. We never raise the price on items quoted and have no hidden costs or fees. Don’t worry about any surprises at payment time!

Our Demolition Process

  1. Call JUNKCO to set up an appointment or book online now.
  2. Our team will be able to give you a firm estimate upfront when we see your demolition or shed removal project.
  3. We’ll do all of the hard work, taking care of your shed removal or other project and cleaning up all the debris.
  4. Now you just have to think about what you want to do with all that cleared space!

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